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    Square shape shawl (Manton), 150 x 150 cm plus 50 cm fringe (Approx. 59 in x 59 in plus 20 in. fringe). Professional size, ideal for stage and rehearsal. Machine embroidered, Polyester with a silky feel. Choice of colors in White, Black, Red and Magenta embroidered with colorful flowers.

Maria Vega dance wear was created to provide tailor made dance outfits at very reasonable prices. 

Each model is conceived and created in our atelier in Madrid and delivered to your door worldwide.

You can either use our experts guidance or bring your own ideas to life, there is no impossible for us. We love our models to be unique and affordable, a great combination to ensure your success in any situation. Either dancing in your regular class, or performing on stage be always in style, your own style.

I am passionate about flamenco outfits and accessories. I have extensively research, to find the finest products coming directly from Spain. I personally deal with wholesale providers and hand craft artisans to ensure the best quality at a fair price.

This shop is a made with love to share my passion for Flamenco and dance outfits. I am a full time dancer, so please bear with me if the delivery times are longer than high street brands. However I can assure you that every item you received has a dedicated process and a very personal touch